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Polishing Powder for glass

Overview of Polishing Powder for glass

The main component of this polishing material is cerium oxide(a rare-earth oxide).It is used for a broad range of polishing work : photomask blanks,HDD glass subsutrates,optical lenses,and so on. Featuring both superior grindability and longer life,this new polishing material meets strict demands for surface quality.


Photomask glass substrates,HDD glass subsutrates,LCD grass,Optical lenses,Ophthalmic lenges,Bevelling,Sheet glass,and so on.

Product Names

Lumminox,Lumitop Series
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CMP Slurry

Overview of CMP Slurry

We provide "slurry +" solutions that utilize the strengths of our integrated production process, starting from abrasive manufacture through to final slurry, supporting customer design rules and CMP processes.

STI Process/ILD Process CES-330 Series/330F Series/BP Series

As a material solution, we offer Ceria slurry, based on silica-system insulating film added to a high-performance slurry with outstanding level-planarization qualities, material selectivity, and uniformity, and containing abrasive qualities.

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