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Custom Manufacturing

We develop and manufacture intermediates for pharmaceutical products, fluorochemical materials, and high functional monomers, all powered by diverse "organic synthesis technologies."

AGC Seimi Chemical commenced operations in technical synthesis of the fragrance coumarin, and through developing intermediates for medical products (fluorochemical anti-bacterial agents, hypertension and diabetes medication, etc.), fluorochemical materials (surfactants, mold release agents, anti-flux creep agents for solder), and all kinds of high functional monomers (chloromethylstyrene derivatives), AGC Seimi Chemical has accumulated diverse expertise in organic synthesis technologies. AGC Seimi Chemical continues to provide major outcomes in the fields of medicine, electronics, and high-performance resins. Furthermore, while continuing to undertake our unique technological development, AGC Seimi Chemical also accepts commissions from customers for synthetic products in response to the needs of every field.