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Greetings from the President

Over the more than 70 years since its foundation, AGC Seimi Chemical has leveraged its distinctive technologies to provide customers with a variety of chemical products, both inorganic and organic.
The company's expansive product range includes chloromethylstyrene, fuel cell materials, polishing agents, and surface modifiers. These are used in a wide range of industries, including next-generation telecommunications, semiconductors, electronics, energy, and automobiles.
As a member of the AGC Group, we will contribute to the development of new industrial fields such as AI and digital transformation (DX), building on the synthesis and process technologies we have cultivated to fulfill our company mission of "Supporting the Future with Chemistry ." We will also address climate change and other social issues toward the attainment of a sustainable society.
We look forward to receiving yet more of your helpful guidance and valued custom in future.

Koji Suwabe
AGC Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd.


Established December 18, 1947
Capital 450 million yen
Board of Directors President   Koji Suwabe
Director   Takayuki Murayama
Director   Takashi Kimura
Director   Kenji Kinoshita
Director   Michitaka Goto
Director   Shinobu Kobayashi
Director   Osamu Tagashira
Auditor    Norihiro Takano
Auditor    Daisuke Sasagawa
Employees 368
Affiliated Companies Baotou Tianjiao Seimi Polishing Powder Co., Ltd. (China)
Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Chigasaki)
Stockholder AGC Inc. (wholly owned)

As of Dec, 2023

Corporate History

2019 Merged with affiliated company Toyo Co.,Ltd.(July.1)
2017 70 year anniversary of founding
2016 Established Rf promotion Department
2014 Ended manufacture of Selion (lithium ion secondary battery cathode material, Cobalt-system) materials
Disposal of Seimi Tongda Lithium Energy (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.
2012 Established Seimi Tongda Lithium Energy (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd. in China.
2011 Commenced manufacture of SOFC Materials.
New factory became operational at affiliate Baotou Tianjiao Seimi Polishing Powder Co.,Ltd.
2008 Settlement of Taiwan Seimi Co., Ltd.
2007 60-year anniversary of founding “Seimi Vision” started
Corporate name changed to “AGC SEIMI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.”
2006 Won Family Friendly Award, Kanagawa Labor Bureau Director’s Prize
2005 Seimi Chemical company policy - 'being Creative & Evolutional' - announced in 2005
Integration of CMP business with AGC semiconductor-related business
2004 Acquired ISO14001 certification
(Head office/Chigasaki Plant/Kashima Plant)
Commenced manufacture of CL series slurry for semiconductor copper interconnection process
2003 Acquired ISO9001 certification
(Head office/Chigasaki Plant/Kashima Plant)
Commenced manufacture of Selion® L (lithium ion secondary battery cathode material)
2002 Commenced manufacture of CES-300 series (slurry for semiconductor-oxide film abrasive use)
Shifted Selion® C (lithium ion secondary battery cathode material) operations to Kashima Plant
2000 Shifted to new chloromethylstyrene plant (Kashima Plant)
Received a prize for the effort, "Improvement of Labor Health Level" from the head of Kanagawa Labor Bureau
1998 Acquired ISO9002 certification
Commenced manufacture of Selion® (lithium ion secondary battery cathode material, Nickel-system) materials
1997 50-year anniversary of founding
Seimi Chemical company policy - 'Creative' - announced
1996 Won 'Voluntary Regulation of Pollution Prevention' Factory Award from Kanagawa Environmental Conservation Association
1995 Commenced manufacture of Selion (lithium ion secondary battery cathode material, Cobalt-system) materials
Commenced manufacture of difluorostilbene (DFS)-system liquid crystal
Commenced manufacture of reagent caustic
Affiliated company -Baotou Tianjiao Seimi Polishing Powder Co., Ltd.- established
1993 Commenced manufacture of abrasive slurry for semiconductor CMP process
1992 Commenced operations at Kashima Plant
1991 Shifted Adachi Plant to Kashima, closed Adachi Plant
1990 Acquired 132,000m2of industrial-zoned land in City of Kashima in Ibaraki Prefecture
1989 Affiliated company -Taiwan Seimi Co., Ltd.- established
1984 Merged with ASUNY INC., another Asahi Grass Co., Ltd.affiliate, and became "Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd."
1983 Commenced manufacture of medical & agricultural pharmaceutical intermediates
1982 Commenced manufacture of Lumiflon® anti-weather coating
1981 Tokyo office established
Commenced manufacture of SF coat® fluorochemical surface processing agent
1979 surflon®
Commenced manufacture of Surflon® fluorochemical surfactant
1978 Commenced manufacture of liquid crystal.
1968 Commenced manufacture of monomers for functional polymers (chloromethylstyrene)
1964 Commenced mixing/filling of functional gas
1960 Shifted head office and plant to City of Chigasaki
1958 Commenced manufacture of glass polishing powder
1951 Shifted plant to Shimomaruko, Tokyo
1947 Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd. established in Harajuku, Tokyo (wholly funded by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) for domestic manufacture of the synthetic flavor coumarin)

Origin of Company Name

With the arrival of the science of chemistry at the end of Japan's Edo period, the word 'chemie' (meaning 'chemistry' in Dutch) was given the Japanese pronunciation 'sha-mi.' 'Sha-mi' was then altered to 'sei-mi,' which sounded more appropriate in Japanese for a manufacturer of flavor, and Seimi Chemicals was born, retaining the name to this day.

Business Locations

Head office - Chigasaki Factory

3-2-10 Chigasaki, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa, 253-8585 Japan

Kashima Factory

Address 2276-2 Nada, Hirai, Kashima-City, Ibaraki, 314-0012, Japan

Baotou Tianjiao Seimi Polishing Powder Co., Ltd.

Address BaoTou Inner Mongolia China P.C:014030
Established 29 December 1995
Stock holder Japan: AGC Seimi Chemical Co.,Ltd.
China: China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Products Polishing Powder for Photomask glass substrates,HDD glass substrates,LCD glass,Optical lenses,Ophthalmic lenses,Beveling & Sheet glass.