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Fluorochemical functional products

Fluorochemical functional products

Functional fluorinated products are a group of products that express various functions by substituting the site to which a hydrogen atom is usually bonded with a fluorine atom.
As can be expected from its position in the periodical table, a fluorine atom has various unique properties.

AGC SEIMI CHEMICAL has a good track record in development of products by utilizing a perfluoroalkyl-containing structure, the structure wherein all of the hydrogen atoms in the alkyl chain are substituted with fluorine atoms.

AGC SEIMI CHEMICAL can supply fluorinated surfactants having a hydrophobic group of a generally used surfactant substituted with the perfluoroalkyl group, fluorinated coating materials having the alkyl chain part of an acryl polymer substituted with the perfluoroalkyl group, and so on.

Liquid surface tension
Solid surface tension
Interfacial tension

YOUNG equation

A perfluoroalkyl product is mainly used to increase or decrease θ by manipulating respective Young’s equation in the above Figure, namely, to increase or decrease wettability.
Major methods for manipulation are classified into two categories: one is to increase wettability by adding the agent to a liquid thereby decreasing γL, i.e., decreasing the surface tension of the liquid; the other is to apply the agent onto the substrate surface thereby decreasing γS, i.e., decreasing the surface tension of the solid whereby lowering wettability of the surface. By forming a surface of low wettability, liquid repellences such as water repellence and oil repellence can be obtained.

In addition to the two orthodox methods as mentioned above, available technologies include: the agent is applied onto the substrate side to decrease γS thereby decreasing wettability of the substrate; to decrease γSL thereby increasing wettability of the substrate; and to decrease γSL by adding the agent to a liquid thereby increasing wettability.

Therefore, it can be understood that AGC SEIMI CHEMICAL provides perfluoroalkyl-containing products having the main function to control a wetting property in any direction of wetting and repelling.

The main products groups(Perfluoroalkyl products)

  • Fluorosurfactant (SURFLON)

    Additives of ours can express their functions with extremely small amounts, such as several tens of ppm as the minimum value. Because the adding amount is so small that effect to cost of the final product is low.

  • Fluorocoating agents (SFCOAT)

    Liquid repellence (water repellence, oil repellence, alcohol repellence, and so on) is given by surface coating. Our products can be widely used in various fields including electronic parts.

  • Antifouling agents for stones

    By treating the surface of a stone material, attachment of dust can be prevented.

Partially fluorinated compounds

  • Custom synthesis

    AGC SEIMI CHEMICAL offers various custom syntheses including introduction of a fluorine atom into a molecular structure.


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