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Mold release agents Moldspat

Fluorinated mold release agent Moldspat has extremely low surface energy and shows excellent non viscosity and mold releasability by comparison to silicon and wax mold release types. By applying a small amount on a surface of dies, molds and so forth, an extremely thin coating layer is formed and shows a sufficient mold release effect. There are abundant merits, such as being noncombustible, excellent heat resistance and insulation. A rich lineup of products is available according to materials to form and process.

Property of Moldspat

  • (1) For a variety of processing
    It has stability to heat even in relatively high mold temperature (up to 230°C), the actual ingredients are not thermally decomposed. There is no need to worry about electrical hazards such as failure in energization, so it is appropriate for molding delicate electrical components.
  • (2) For improving quality of molding items and for eliminating defective items.
    Coating layers are thin, and it is possible to uniformly apply to fine mold planes. It is possible to form with a good finish and is appropriate for molding elaborate items requiring dimensional accuracy. There are only a small buildup on dies and molds, and skin roughness of molding items does not occur.
  • (3) For improving workability and reducing costs
    After it is applied once, it becomes possible to continuously release molds superior in post-processing such as coating, hot stamping, printing, applying and adhering, so it is possible to save time and effort for removal and to reduce costs. It is superior in contamination resistance, so there is small contamination of dies and molds and it is possible to reduce the number of times cleaning is required.