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■Optics & Electronics Materials
•CMP slurry
•Polishing Powder for glass
•Anti-flux migration agents
•Anti-resin adhesion agents
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Product Profiles
Optics & Electronics Materials
Anti-resin adhesion agents
Resin anti-adhesive agents (SF Coat series)
Small-size electronics such as a film condenser, ceramic condenser and ceramic filter draw lead wire terminals out of each component element, seal with adhesive resins, and provide protection and exterior packaging. As sealing resins, high viscosity liquid epoxy resin and others are often used. When the sealing is carried out, each component element is dipped into liquid resin. Thus, extra resins adhere even to lead wire parts. Preventing such resin adhesion becomes possible by applying the SF Coat to lead wire beforehand.
The SF Coat is made by dissolving fluorine polymer including the water-repellent and oil-repellent perfluoroalkyl group into fluorine solvent. Coating is easily done by dipping, coating with a brush, for example. The solvent quickly evaporation at normal temperature and forms a coating film with fluorine polymer. This coating film has extremely low critical surface tension and prevents sealing resins from adhering to terminal parts of electronic parts.
This time, we developed environmental-responsive products dealing with PFOA concern.

What is PFOA?

Characteristics as resin anti-adhesive agents (as coating liquid)
(1)Drying at normal temperature is possible
(2)Easy to handle
(3)Nonhazardous products are available
(4)Small influence over substrates and component materials
(5)Environment-responsive products free from PFOA
Characteristics as resin anti-adhesive agents (as coating film)
(1)Low critical surface tension - preventing liquid resins from adhering
(2) Chemically stable
(3) No influence over soldering

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