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Product Profiles
Optics & Electronics Materials
Anti-flux migration agents (SF-Coat Series)
Anti-flux migration agents (SF Coat series)
In the soldering process of PWB, a flux's penetration into various mounted parts (mechanism components such as a switch and connector) becomes the cause of a large problem. Concretely, abnormalities occur including corrosion of metal parts such as contact points, failure in slidability and failure in contact points.
As functionality materials to address these problems, we developed Anti-flux migration agents (SF Coat series). .
The SF Coat is made by dissolving fluorine polymer including the water-repellent and oil-repellent perfluoroalkyl group into fluorine solvent. Coating electronics components is easily done by dipping or coating with a brush, for example.
The solvent quickly evaporation at normal temperature and forms a coating film with fluorine polymer.
This coating film has extremely low critical surface tension and prevents fluxes from penetrating into PWB and mechanism components.
Moreover, this coating film is very thin and keeps influence over components and PWB to the minimum.
This time, we developed environmental-responsive products dealing with PFOA concerns.

What is PFOA?

Characteristics of  Anti-flux migration agents (as coating liquid)
(1) Drying at normal temperature is possible.
(2) Easy to handle.
(3) Nonhazardous products are available.
(4) Small influence over PWB and component materials.
(5) Environment-responsive products free from PFOA.
Characteristics of Anti-flux migration agents (as coating film)
(1) Low critical surface tension - preventing fluxes from creeping up
(2) Chemically stable
(3) No influence over soldering
SF Coat series main products types list
SFE-X008 SNF-X800
Active ingredient PFOA non-component polymer PFOA non-component polymer
Solvent Fluorine solvent Fluorine solvent
Specific gravity 1.4 1.4
Boiling point 76℃ 116℃
Flash point None (nonhazardous material) Yes
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